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James Kyle

James Kyle LivPur

James Kyle

30 years ago I began my journey as a professional golfer and coach. The incredible experiences I have had while improving my own swing, fitness training, traveling, competing on mini-tours and 2 PGA Tour Qualifying Schools elevated my ability to provide incredible lessons for my clients.

I’ve studied many of the best players, swing coaches, putting coaches, wedge coaches, sports psychologists, fitness trainers and nutritionists from around the world. That education has elevated my ability to understand the swing, the mind, the body and the game on the course at a nationally recognized level.

I continue to study 3D motion analysis of both tour players and amateur players, launch monitors, bio mechanics, ground forces, kinetics, and kinematics. I learn what your goals are and we apply necessary improvements to your swing and thought process that must be accomplished for you to have a better ball flight, longer distances and eventually lower scores. 

I have been using LivPur now for 4 months and after adding the hydrate supplement to my water bottle mid day, I feel refreshed and energized to finish my long day of lessons. Thank you so much.