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Behind LIVPUR NUTRITION™ is a team of passionate industry experts and sports thought leaders. We are advocates for safe, clean and, most importantly, low–cost yet effective nutrition. We know our community deserves high-quality products at meaningful prices, and we are here to deliver the promise of the best formulas, for the right price.

LIVPUR NUTRITION™ unique mission and values extend from the idea of transparency. We strive for transparency in our ingredients, our processes and through our resources by providing key information on health and wellness to our consumers.

Simplicity, Versatility and Transparency are our core values in creating the cleanest source of everyday wellness products. We are cutting out the retailer, and actively delivering formulas that give more directly to you.

the benefits

Better from the Inside Out

LIVPUR NUTRITION™ is a consumer-centric nutrition and wellness brand, driven to provide a new and simple way of maintaining your health. We believe leading a healthy lifestyle should be accessible and approachable.

Michael Thorp

A former athlete, current wellness promoter, and entrepreneur, Michael was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes (T1D) at a young age.

Since the very beginning, proper nutrition and hydration has been a top priority for Michael. Growing up learning about insulin’s effects on blood sugar levels, healthy sugars and carbohydrates, and their interaction with the body ultimately drove Michael to study Food Science and Human Nutrition at the collegiate level. 

Now president of LIVPUR NUTRITION™, Michael feels passionately about creating low-carb, low-sugar supplements he, other diabetics, and everyday fitness champions can enjoy. In co-creating the LIVPUR NUTRITION™ products with Dr. Troy, nutrition specialists, and international flavor experts, Michael got the best, natural ingredients into great tasting, easy to consume drinks.

His lifelong journey with T1D is the driving force behind LIVPUR NUTRITION™’s dedication to donating a percentage of profits to diabetes research, prevention, and future treatment innovations — causes the Thorp family has given to for decades.

Dr. Troy Van Biezen

Former professional hockey player turned PGA Tour chiropractor and sought-after performance coach, Dr. Troy came to LIVPUR NUTRITION™ out of a desire for quality, clean nutritional products he could feel confident giving to his athletes. 

Over the years Dr. Troy has analyzed, tested, and tried many products on himself and for the athletes under his care. He always felt there was more that could be offered to his athletes — but also for active people looking to feel better and have a higher quality of life.

Enter: LIVPUR NUTRITION™, formulated with championship experience from Dr. Troy.

The products you’re using today have been used by sport champions — including NHL All-Stars and Olympians — for years. Now, the secret’s out. It’s your turn to Champion Your Day.

Simply Delicious

26g of plant power!

Tired of same chalky, over stuffed, soy  protein powder? We were too. With the latest in technology and abilities to pull and mix plant based proteins, we're so thrilled to bring you our plant powered protein sachets. Simple connivence, that is delicious!

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  • Disrupting the way health and wellness supplements have been served on market
  • Closing the gap on perceived notions that only "fit" people should use workout products 
  • Opening the door to safe and effective product offerings for all ages, genders, and health backgrounds
  • Deliciously flavored performance packs that deliver strong results through a proprietary formulation process utilizing the highest quality ingredients with your health in mind
  • Industry leaders who have been optimizing a product mix of only the best ingredients
  • Our team of experts and trailblazers aim to bring a highly effective and SAFE product offering to a market full of saturated and commercialized ineffective or exaggerated brands
  • We aim to communicate our process, our products, and ingredients to the community with transparency, authenticity, and validation