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LivPur welcomes Jordan Spieth, Justin Thomas, and Zach Johnson to our team.

Exemplifying LivPur’s own values of integrity, leadership, and philanthropy, Jordan, Justin, and Zach have shown passion and endearing support for the LivPur brand. Their combined belief and continued enthusiasm surrounding LivPur lends a new level of leadership and integrity to our products which is rarely seen in the supplement market. Given their dedication to high achievement within Golf, their commitment to LivPur brings a host of exciting new opportunities to reach audiences looking to feel, perform, and recover with top tier supplements. With Jordan, Justin, and Zach, LivPur aims to achieve national status and show consumers our products are the #1 choice for champions.

Jordan Spieth


LivPur is an important part of my routine because I can rely on it to help me stay focused and know it will provide an extra boost of energy when I need it most. I trust the LivPur product and ingredients to keep me hydrated and performing at my best.

• 3-time Major Champion and multiple PGA Tour winner

• Favorite flavors: Cool Cherry Hydrate, Cherry Limeade Energy, & Blue Raspberry Recovery

Justin Thomas


As an athlete, I take what I put into my body seriously. I know that any edge I can get on my opponents could be the difference between winning or losing a tournament. When I drink LivPur on the golf course, it’s the best hydration supplement for me and it means that dehydration is one less thing I have to worry about. LivPur gives me energy and I feel like it facilitates my recovery, so it’s become an integral part to my daily routine.

I’m not a coffee drinker so I love the energy that LivPur gives me. I enjoy all the flavors but find myself going with Fruit Punch before morning rounds as a way to get myself going. I find that LivPur doesn’t give me the jitters or shakes that can so often be a side effect of pre-workout powders. It’s truly been a game changer for me especially before a workout or those early tee times. I’ll even have some on the back nine of a major or when I'm in contention, knowing that that extra boost of energy can make a difference in how I finish.

• PGA Tour Player of the Year

• FedEx Cup Champion

• Youngest player to shoot 59 on the PGA Tour

• Favorite flavors: Fruit Punch Hydrate & Energy

Zach Johnson


LivPur is the most essential and best supplement I have ever used. For sustained focus and energy in the morning or pre-workout, to hydrate during a round of golf or workout, and to recover at the end of the day, LivPur enables me to perform at my absolute best.

As the son of a chiropractor, nutrition has been a priority of mine since I can remember. And now at my age, I need an edge. LivPur is that edge day in day out. I know I am utilizing the purest amino acids, electrolytes, and proteins. LivPur has become a part of my equipment as a competitor.

• 2023 U.S. Ryder Cup Captain

• 2020 Recipient of the Payne Stewart Award

• 2-Time Major Champion

• 12-Time PGA Tour Champion

• Favorite flavors: Cool Cherry Hydrate & Lemonade Recovery