5 Changes to Put You First

5 Changes to Put You First

Putting yourself first is not selfish. It doesn’t mean you are only thinking solely about what you want. Prioritizing yourself also does not mean ignoring the needs of those around you. It is just prioritizing your needs as well. It is a delicate balance between ensuring that your needs don’t get shuffled to the bottom of the list. You can’t pour from an empty cup; these changes will ensure that your cup remains filled. 

1. Develop a Routine

A good daily routine of items you want to accomplish will help carve out time every day for yourself. Routine ideas include getting up 20 minutes earlier to meditate or going for a walk. Your routine should consist of a little bit of time for yourself to prioritize your needs and what you are hoping to accomplish that day.

2. Meditate

Meditating, in general, is an excellent way to spend time alone with yourself and examine your internal thoughts and feelings. Meditation has countless benefits, from stress reduction to developing a more positive outlook and even helping with better sleep. Many podcasts and free guided meditations on YouTube can help you start introducing meditation to your everyday life. 

3. Positive Affirmations

You probably utilized positive affirmations without even realizing it. Phrases like “I do the best I can.”, “I believe in myself.”, etc., are phrases we tell ourselves. These simple phrases can help shift the mindset from failure to positive reinforcement. Affirmations only work if they are repeated. When repeated, it can boost motivation and confidence. However, it needs to be coupled with action. It is a step towards change. Tactics with affirmations can help you prioritize your needs. Make sure to be kind to yourself. Never talk to yourself cruelly and only in the voice you would use for a good friend. 

4. Smile at Yourself

Furthermore, as mentioned, be kind to yourself. This includes smiling at yourself in the mirror. It may seem silly, but smiles are contagious and react within the amglyda in your brain that regulates happiness. Therefore, smiling tricks your brain into being happier, and when you smile at yourself, it tricks your mind into being happy with yourself. Furthermore, research from NY neurologists also points to smiling increasing levels of hormones like dopamine and serotonin in the body, which are natural happy hormones. 

5. Do Something Daily for You

It is essential to do something for yourself every day. Carve out some time dedicated to that passion if your joy is painting, hiking, or a round on the course. You may not be able to escape to the green, but maybe it is practicing your swing. There are 1,440 minutes in a single day. Take 15 minutes of that time to yourself. Those 15 minutes are only 1% of the entire day. You are worth far more than 1%. So whenever you think about not prioritizing this time, believe that I am worth the 1% and more.

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