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Fired up & Focused!

Take a quick journey with Dr. Troy on what exactly LivPur Energy is and how it can help to get you fired up and focused for your day head.

If you’re searching for a supplement that contains natural compounds in optimal amounts, give LivPur Energy a try. This supplement was formulated specifically to provide optimal amounts of each compound and help you avoid the jitters or other negative side effects that come from overloading on coffee.

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The World's Best Golfers Secret Weapon? Their Chiropractor

Last week the golf world was shocked when Tiger Woods once again hoisted the Tour Championship title on Sunday afternoon. Everyone that is, except the one person who has been quietly working behind the scenes with Tiger…

Hydrate vs Recovery

A common question I have been getting is what is the difference between LivPur’s Hydration and LivPur Recovery? and when is the best time to take each product?

How to Quit Sugar with 8 Easy Tips

Sugar crashes kill your performance in the gym. But that’s only one reason to start pondering how to quit sugar. Too much sugar is scientifically proven to negatively affect your entire body and overall well-being, 

Improve Concentration and Harness Your Brain’s Full Potential

Losing focus throughout the day can make work and home life more difficult than it needs to be. Not to mention, the frustration that comes with losing focus repeatedly contributes to a further loss of concentration.

How to Build Lean Muscle in 8 Simple Steps

There are a lot of theories and scams out there regarding how to build lean muscle, either through false nutrition advertisements or low-quality training programs. Don’t be fooled by the quick-fix schemes.

Natural Energy Boosters & Where to Find Them

If you’ve ever gotten hit with that post-coffee, mid-afternoon crash, you’re probably wondering what alternatives are available that will provide you with long-lasting energy, without the jitters or harsh crashes.

How to Hydrate with Amino Acids and Electrolytes

90% of your cells are made up of water... up to 60% of your entire body is water. Because your body’s made up so largely of H2O, your hydration status affects everything.

What Is Dehydration? & How LivPür Can Help

Most people are chronically dehydrated. This is because throughout the day, our bodies are constantly pulling on and using the water we drink in almost every natural process happening within our bodies.