7 Weekend Tips for Optimal Relaxation and Productivity

Where did the weekend go? Whether you’re trying to cram your entire life into 48 hours or can’t seem to get enough rest, there’s hope. 

Weekends should be a time to recharge, a space to live life away from work obligations. Not answering emails isn’t enough; you have to completely break the week’s routine to truly experience these precious few days. 

No matter what your home life and career look like, a few of these weekend tips can help. Stick with us to enjoy more relaxing, productive, and fulfilling weekends. 

Our Best Weekend Tips 

1. Identify where you’re going wrong now and break the cycle. 

Why isn’t your weekend enough for you? Maybe it’s because you spend too much time staring at your phone, sleeping, or taking an entire day preparing for the week ahead. 

Whatever it is, you know it isn’t working. While it’s okay to rest, stop spending weekends on autopilot. Go cold turkey on your old routine. 

2. Distribute more chores throughout the week. 

The weekend is great for drilling down and doing a deep clean – sometimes. Stop spending weekends on chores and household tasks. Instead, dedicate 20 minutes each weekday evening to catching up on these things. 

Make it a mission to go into every weekend with the floor already mopped, groceries bought, and the laundry under control. 

3. Take the weekend away every few months. 

Avoid getting stuck in a rut with periodic getaways. A change of scenery and activity will keep your days off fresh and more fulfilling. This doesn’t have to be big and expensive, either. Something as simple as a night away a few towns over can make the weekend feel more eventful. Visit friends, plan a visit to a landmark or museum, whatever – just leave your usual life behind for two days. 

Disrupting the norm can be a welcome reset for your brain, making you feel recharged and productive when you return. 

4. Make Friday night plans. 

You dragged yourself through another work week and can’t wait to get home. But not so fast! Always ensure your weekend starts on Friday. Stick to this by making Friday evening plans. Go to happy hour, out to dinner, to a theater or concert. 

This is especially beneficial if you have kids whose needs normally take up your entire weekend.

5. Add in one “recovery session.” 

A deep stretch, a long, slow walk, a hot bath, or a professional massage. Dedicate one block of time every weekend to something mentally and/or physically therapeutic. It can be completely free (meditating at home) or a special treat (a spa visit). 

Even if you don’t work out a lot during the week or do a physically challenging job, this tip is key. In fact, activities like stretching and massage are even more important if you have a sedentary job. A lot of pain and stiffness we experience from desk life comes down to a sticky, compressed fascia

6. Don’t sleep in. 

If you follow just one weekend tip, make it this one. Get up at the same time you normally would. It preserves your sleep schedule, making Monday morning less of a rude awakening. You’ll also have more time to enjoy and stay present with the day. 

Really need a little extra sleep? Take a Saturday afternoon nap. It will stand out more as a luxurious self-care activity instead of being lumped in with last night’s rest. 

7. Make Sunday a day to look forward to. 

The Sunday Scaries: a wave of anxiety that fills us with dread as we head into a new week. Some of this is due to the amount of prepping and planning we leave for Sunday – how could you think of anything else? 

This is why you must consistently treat yourself to something pleasant on Sunday evenings. Anxiety (and the feelings of dread that come with it) is learned. Over time, you can break that negative, automatic reaction to Sunday nights. 

Do a little online shopping, eat an especially decadent dessert, or throw yourself all in on watching the game. The bottom line is to end the weekend on a high note.

More Things to Do This Weekend

You know you need to do something different, but what? Here are a few ideas. 


Have a film festival

This Thursday, research what to stream this weekend and catch up on all the movies you’ve been meaning to see. It’s a perfect activity that singles and families alike can get into during periods of nasty weather or low energy. 

Pick up a new hobby

There’s always that one thing we want to try when we “find the time.” This is your personal time, so what’s the holdup? Take the golf lesson, bake the bread, practice the song. Even if it’s not super active, hobbies have a positive effect on mental and physical wellbeing

Help someone else

 If you drive yourself crazy thinking of what to do with your weekends, volunteering is a good place to start. There’s a wide range of unique areas to get involved with, from coaching Little League to helping out at the animal shelter. You could even start with assisting an elderly neighbor or friend at home. 

See what your community has to offer

How often do you visit the local park, library, or farmer’s market? Enjoying these places helps ensure that they’ll stay open to the public and continue to improve. It’s also the best idea for what to do if you’re new to an area or looking to meet more people close to you. 

Take a hike

 Looking to get outside more? Of all outdoorsy activities, hikes are the most popular because they scale to your schedule and ability. Beginner-level hikes are suitable for kids as well as those just starting their fitness journey. 

You can improve your cardiovascular fitness, get some natural vitamin D, and help maintain healthy joints and muscle tone. Just make sure you stay hydrated

Have an excellent weekend!

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