Fired up & Focused!

Fired up & Focused!

If you’re searching for a supplement that contains natural compounds in optimal amounts, give LivPur Energy a try. This supplement was formulated specifically to provide optimal amounts of each compound and help you avoid the jitters or other negative side effects that come from overloading on coffee.

Simply pour into a shaker bottle, and drink all of the energy you need for the day, which includes not only compounds that aid in energy boosting, but vitamins for energy and tiredness. LivPur focuses on a holistic approach to energy, and provides natural, healthful powders that keep you not only energized, but support overall wellbeing. 

Not only does LivPur provide that sustained energy, it also gives your brain a jump start. As I’m going through the key ingredients and their specific functions I have to say that this is an amazing product. After looking at a lot of other products on the market I cannot find anything comparable. 

The Nootropic Synergies combined with the natural caffeine alternatives in the LivPur energy is unparalleled. 

 What is a Nootropic?

A nootropic is a dietary supplement that helps support certain brain functions, including memory, mental speed and focus. 

One of the best Nootropic Synergies is caffeine and L- Theanine. It is one of the better Nootropics supported by science then any other Nootropic. These 2 substances power is truly unleashed when they’re combined. For example caffeine on its own can cause jitteriness. Combining L-Theanine, however, dampens these effect. 

 It boosts energy levels, focus levels, heightened alertness while dampening the jitteriness. A calm stimulation. 

 Ive used this product personally and I wrote down what I’m feeling:

  1. It elevates my focus to get me into the “zone”
  2. I can recall names, places, focus on my tasks, think better and more clearly
  3. It helps me to achieve optimal level of consciousness where I can perform my best. 
  4. It feels like it fires up my brain without the feeling of the jitters. 
  5. I get so into what I’m doing that I have written 5 pages or read 5 chapters without being aware of it
  6. When I’m having difficulty to focus due to brain fog or being tired, I will grab LivPur Energy and within 30 minutes my focus has elevated and I’m dialed in with the task at hand..I’m ready to sit. Down and write a novel without the temptation of looking at my phone every 2-3 minutes.  

 If you’ve ever gotten hit with that post-coffee, mid-afternoon crash, you’re probably wondering what alternatives are available that will provide you with long-lasting energy, without the jitters or harsh crashes. There are a wide variety of products on the market that boast claims like this, but very few that have been proven healthy and effective.

I recommend LivPur Energy to reboot, reactivate your brain so that you have the energy, drive and focus you need to achieve your goals you’ve been letting pass you by!!   


Take LivPur Energy 30 minutes before you are going to exercise, compete, or any task at hand that requires total focused energy and mental clarity. 

 My PGA players have used LivPur energy for quite some time. They take 1 energy during their pre round warm up either in the gym or on the range. Especially when they have early tee times. 

We found that this has dramatically improved their mental energy level needed with no jitters to compete at a high level. A typical round of golf can take up to 5 hours so it was important for the players to take a 2nd energy in the back nine to maintain the energy but also to prevent the brain fog/fatigue to kick in. 

It’s important for PGA players to start strong, but also to finish strong. All too often you see golfers start out playing great but then falter in the back nine. Was it physical/mental fatigue that caused this? 

To have that heightened mental alertness to make smart cognitive decisions in the heat of the battle can determine a win or a loss.  

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