Making Your Halloween Party a Success: Tips and Ideas

A tub of candy, some cotton cobwebs, and a Party City Halloween costume may be good enough for the kiddies, but adults are looking for more in a celebration. 

Need Halloween party ideas? Keep reading for a cauldron brimming with tricks and treats for your holiday bash. 

Idea: Plan Halloween party games for the whole crowd. 

Adult guests will appreciate some nostalgia as you include activities we all remember as kids. Host a costume contest (don’t forget a prize for the winner) or do a costume swap game. Guests can go into a closet two-by-two and swap costumes as quickly as possible, complete with makeup. 

You can also give them a grown-up game of bobbing for apples, with mini liquor bottles dispersed among the fruit.

Tip for Success: Offer a mix of the silly and the cerebral. 

For those who aren’t into revisiting the games of their childhood, organize a murder mystery. Or, get a trivia game going, where players can dig deep into their knowledge of horror history.


Idea: Set out Halloween party food that’s equal parts spooky and tasty. 

You don’t need to be a master of the culinary arts to create a party menu that a wide range of guests will dig into. Wrap a classic wheel of brie in refrigerated dough like a mummy’s face. For more filling, seasonal meals, consider pumpkin lasagna or stuffed butternut squash.  

For something that tastes great but looks stomach-churning, secure a plastic mold and make this no-bake strawberry cheesecake brain

Tip for Success: Elevate the menu with nutritious ingredients. 

There’ll be time to raid the kid’s candy stash later. If the usual savories and sweets aren’t the go-to for any attending wellness enthusiasts, there are still plenty of delicious options, especially in the snack arena.

Candied pepitas are salty and sweet, require just three ingredients, and are rich in minerals and antioxidants. Chocolatey plant-based protein balls are dead simple to make and can be decorated any way you like. 

Also, offer plenty of veggies on a creepy crudité platter with your favorite hummus or aioli.


Idea: Brew up festive Halloween party drinks without much effort. 

If you want to offer a specialty drink that’s on-brand for the holiday, avoid playing bartender all night and make a whole batch. This Halloween party punch is a simple blend of vodka, ginger ale, and cranberry juice with lychee eyeballs. 

Don’t forget the sangria. Make yours extra dark and deep with antioxidant-rich muddled blackberries, dark plums, and black grapes.

Tip for Success: Ensure everyone stays hydrated. 

Guests may not look back on your event as fondly if they wake up wishing the night before had never happened. 

Keep a bowl of Hydrate stick packs on hand so guests can replenish electrolytes quickly. Plus, with fatigue-fighting B12 and amino acids, they’ll be ready to party well into the night.

The Best Halloween Party Ever, Right Down to the Details 

With the big three (games, food, and drinks) covered, you can start working on the details that truly make the evening memorable. 


When’s the last time you received a well-done, informative, on-theme invite to a holiday party? Your guests will be excited before they can even RSVP when you send the full details on a personalized invite. 

Mood Music 

Do you want to dance, socialize, or a mix of both? 

Take advantage of the many Halloween playlists available on streaming services. Pick and choose which tunes you want for your event and add your own favorites to the mix. 

If there’s little space or you want other activities to take center stage, stick to spooky, ambient instrumentals. 

Book Halloween Entertainment 

There’s something for every budget, from sword swallowers to demented clowns. For more laid-back gatherings, hire a tarot reader or psychic – and be sure they lay on the gloom and doom in their readings. 

Also, figure out how you want to document the evening. If the budget is there, rent a photo booth or hire a photographer; you’ll enjoy the pics for years to come. 


Halloween Party 2023 Decor 

There are plenty of themes within the general Halloween category. It’ll be more cohesive, impactful, and easier to decorate if you choose one. 

  • Go for a traditional fall-themed Halloween with jack-o-lanterns, candles, string lights, and corn husks. 
  • Create drama with a mystical theme built around draped fabric, Ouija boards, crystal balls, and more. 
  • Make spooky skeleton-and-cobweb themes a bit scarier with a terrifying movie or sequence projected onto a wall. 
  • Partying outside? Try turning your backyard into a graveyard. For a little added interest, put your guests’ names on the headstones, and think of some creative inscriptions sharing how they expired. 

Happy Halloween from LivPur Nutrition 

This Halloween, keep it haunted and healthy at the same time. Get plenty of protein, stay hydrated, and live it up at the season’s best Halloween party!

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