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How to Beat the Afternoon Slump

There seems to be a particular time of the day that slows down most people and that is the 3 PM afternoon slump. A few hours after lunch, attention span slowly starts to fade, and enthusiasm and vigor begin to erode. This is our internal circadian biological clock regulating the timing of our energy levels throughout the day. These rise and dip at different intervals and drop significantly between 2 and 5 PM. Don’t despair. There are a few ways you can regain your focus healthily and productively. 

5 Self-Care Summer Tips

Summer is the time when the days slow down, and you have time to really value your time. It is crucial to include self-care during these fleeting summer months into your repertoire. You don’t have to go on dreamy vacations or be crushing workouts to still fill your summertime cup. There are other ways to set aside time for yourself to recharge your batteries to help propel you for the rest of the year.

How LivPur Energy is Different

All energy products are not created equal. Most are ladened with tremendous amounts of sugar (some have up to 21 teaspoons). If consumed daily, all that extra sugar can lead to weight gain, obesity, risk of heart and kidney failure, stroke, Type 2 Diabetes and even some forms of cancer. Therefore, it is essential to read the label and know what is going into your body when choosing an energy supplement.

Natural Energy Boosters & Where to Find Them

If you’ve ever gotten hit with that post-coffee, mid-afternoon crash, you’re probably wondering what alternatives are available that will provide you with long-lasting energy, without the jitters or harsh crashes.

Improve Concentration and Harness Your Brain’s Full Potential

Losing focus throughout the day can make work and home life more difficult than it needs to be. Not to mention, the frustration that comes with losing focus repeatedly contributes to a further loss of concentration.

Fired up & Focused!

Take a quick journey with Dr. Troy on what exactly LivPur Energy is and how it can help to get you fired up and focused for your day head.

If you’re searching for a supplement that contains natural compounds in optimal amounts, give LivPur Energy a try. This supplement was formulated specifically to provide optimal amounts of each compound and help you avoid the jitters or other negative side effects that come from overloading on coffee.

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