LivPur or Liquid IV: Which is Best?

LivPur or Liquid IV: Which is Best?

Most people are chronically dehydrated. This is because throughout the day, our bodies are constantly pulling on and using the water we drink in almost every natural process happening within our bodies.

A survey of 3,003 people in 15 major cities reported drinking an overall average of only four 6–8 ounce servings per day. 44% said they drank only three or less servings of water per day and nearly 10% said they didn’t drink water at all.

Optimal hydration doesn’t just mean drinking water — but consuming enough liquids and nutrients to keep the balance of electrolytes to water constant and at the appropriate level. With how little water people drink in a day, it’s increasingly important to pay attention to not just how much water we consume, but the nutrients contained within it.

What is dehydration?

Simply put, dehydration is a fluid imbalance accompanied by a loss of essential electrolytes. If dehydration lasts too long, it can cause serious side effects.

The adult human body consists of 60–70% salt water. The brain and heart are composed of 73% water, lungs 83% water, blood 50% water, skin 64% water, muscle and kidneys 79% water. There is water in every cell of the body, and the regulation and balance of electrolytes between different areas of the body is what keeps it functioning well. It’s not just the water itself — but what the water contains.

Dehydration can cause serious side effects if not corrected quickly, including the loss of function in internal muscles, which can lead to death.

Many people believe that dehydration means only that they need to drink more water. However, there are multiple types of dehydration, and knowing what type of dehydration you might be experiencing could help you better understand what your body needs.

LivPur v.s. Liquid IV Hydration Systems

Like most common hydration and sports drink solutions on the market, Liquid IV utilizes sodium, potassium, and glucose. According to Liquid IV's website, the product also contains vitamins B6, B5, and B12, which contribute to energy production.

LivPur Hydrate, conversely, utilizes sodium, glucose, and amino acids to provide rapid hydration. Sodium alone has difficulty crossing the gut wall into the bloodstream to rehydrate the body. In fact, the body expels a lot of energy to do this. Instead, glucose pulls the sodium out of the gut wall and into the bloodstream faster. As a result, the body uses less energy. It then opens the gate for other LivPur ingredients like amino acids, potassium, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, calcium, manganese, magnesium, and zinc to enter the bloodstream rapidly. 

LivPur Amino Acids

Liquid IV does not have amino acids in its hydration product. Amino acids play a part in pulling electrolytes out of the stomach and into the bloodstream faster and provide many other benefits.

  • Powerful antioxidants to support healthy immune function
  • Boosts muscle growth
  • Fights fatigue and recovers faster

    LivPur's Made Specifically for Sports, Fitness & Exercise

    LivPur delivers a rapid rehydration system utilizing amino acids, a sodium-glucose co-transport system, and a complex energy source called Cyclic Dextrin (2,500mg). During exercise, the body goes through a state called glycolysis. As a result, the body will break down glucose to create energy. LivPur Hydrate has a highly developed source of energy within it so that the body will utilize this long-lasting energy source instead. Therefore, the body can perform longer and better.

    Liquid IV utilizes Pantothenic Acid (11.4 mg), and vitamin B5 as its energy source. Unlike Cyclic Dextrin, Pantothenic Acid can be consumed through dietary additives like broccoli, cauliflower, sunflower seeds, and salmon.

    Liquid IV Not Recommended for Daily Use

    In 2022, Health Digest warned consumers that Liquid IV could not be ingested more than once a day as consuming too much can cause unpleasant side effects like nausea, headaches, fatigue, and diarrhea due to the high sugar and sodium.

    Conversely, LivPur is recommended to be used throughout the day before, during, and after any activity. 

    LivPur is NSF Certified for Sport®

    In order for LivPur to be granted this coveted distinction, NSF International first had to verify that products are manufactured, packaged and stored in a facility that is audited twice annually for quality and safety in compliance with federal regulations for dietary supplements.

    Lastly, after these extensive tests, NSF International then ensures that LivPur are free from 280 banned substances. Certified for Sport® is recognized and respected by many major sport organizations. At this point, the Certified for Sport® mark can be shown on the product label. LivPur prides itself on a commitment to clean, pure Non-GMO ingredients that aim to help the sports, fitness and wellness world with amino acids and essential nutrients you can depend upon. Now, with the esteemed recognition of being NSF Certified for Sport, you as a consumer can trust our ingredients and know that you are truly living pure. 

    Liquid IV is not NSF Certified for Sport®.

    Furthermore, here is a side-by-side comparison of LivPur and Liquid IV. 


    Liquid IV


    $1.99 per serving

    $1.56 per serving





    270 mg

    500 mg

    Sugar per Serving

    3 grams

    11 grams

    Calories per Serving

    30 calories

    45 calories

    Vitamins & Nutrients



    Amino Acids



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