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Affiliate Program

LivPur offers a competitive affiliate program to help you turn your audience into commissions. We're advocates for safe, clean, and most-importantly, low-cost yet effective nutrition. We deliver the promise of the best formulas, for the right price. 

LivPur’s unique mission and values extend from the idea of transparency. We strive for transparency in our ingredients, our processes and through our resources by providing key information on health and wellness to our consumers.

Simplicity, Versatility and Transparency are our core values in creating the cleanest source of everyday wellness products. We are actively delivering formulas that give more directly to you.

About the LivPur Affiliate Program:

  • 10% commission plus free product --- a $50 value!
  • 30 Day Referral Period
  • Dedicated email support
We are committed to the success to our affiliates. If you need custom graphics, website copy, or giveaways, we're here to collaborate with you.

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