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Hydrate - Energy - Recovery. LivPur has you covered every step of the way.

Try Jordan's favorite flavor - Cherry Limeade Energy

"My two favorite mixes are the Cherry Limeade Energy and the Blue Raspberry Recovery. The Cookies n’ Cream Whey Protein is ridiculously good."


Our hydrate sticks are designed to help you absorb fluids 2-3x faster than water alone, and provides 2x more electrolytes than leading sports drinks.


Energy nutrition sticks with 90mg of caffeine, 5mg amino acids and rich in antioxidants - all in a convenient single-serving stick. All energy - no crash.


One LivPur recovery stick is packed with 3g worth of 9 essential amino acids formulated to help you recover quickly from even the most intense workouts.

Not sure where to start?

Try our sample pack

Includes 9 supplement sticks (each flavor and type) and 2 protein samples.