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Athlete First:

Besides Co-founding LivPur, Dr. Troy is a former professional hockey player.

As an athlete, Dr. Troy was always looking for ways to optimize his training and recovery. If he could recover quicker from each training session, he could therefore train more often, which would allow him to improve faster.

Dr.Troy knew that nutrition was the competitive advantage, but he struggled to find clean nutritional products. As a result, he was always on the search for nutrition dense super foods that were full of effective ingredients.

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After Dr. Troy retired from hockey, he went back to school to become a Doctor of Chiropractic. His passion was to educate his patients on his knowledge of a health and wellness lifestyle. In 2005 he founded A Chiropractic sports medicine facility, ChiroSport Specialists of Dallas (CSS).

After a few years, CSS became one of the premier facilities in the Dallas Fort Worth area. Dr. Troy’s clientele elevated to many professional athletes from the NHL, NFL, MLB, Olympians and PGA Tour. With the likes of Major champion winners Jordan Speith, Justin Thomas, Zach Johnson, NFL quarterback Tony Romo, Art Ross trophy winner Jamie Benn and World Series Champion Mark Texeira.

Athletes throughout North America have sought out Dr. Troy’s expertise to help them recover from injury and improve their performance.

Dr. Troy travels throughout the country teaching health care professionals on Functional Assessment of the Athlete, Injury Care, and Enhancement of Sports Performance.

Dr. Troy has been frequently profiled by local media and national publications: Golf World, Golf Week, Avid Golfer, DFW Links, Dallas Morning News and Channel 33 Top Docs of DFW program.

Professional Experience:

• Chiropractor for the PGA Tour Sports Medicine Team
• Chiropractor For Professional Arena Football Team Dallas Desperados
• Chiropractor for FC Dallas Professional Soccer Team
• Chiropractor/Active Release Doctor for the Dallas Stars Hockey Club
• TPI Medical Professional Level 2
• Founding member Precision Nutrition Academy

With his extensive experience on the sidelines and in the locker rooms with professional teams, he’s learned that “You better have your A-game as these highly paid athletes are trusting you to get them back out there playing as quick as possible.”

PGA Tour

Dr. Troy has been traveling with the PGA Tour for the last 19 years. Typically, he is on the road with his players for 25-30 weeks a year.

Golf is a long season, so it's critical that his players get the proper nutrition they need for optimal health, injury prevention, and enhanced performance. Over the years, Dr.Troy has analyzed and tried many products on himself and for his athletes under his care. He always felt that there was more in the supplement world that could be offered to his athletes, but also for active people looking to exercise better and achieve a better quality of life.

Enter LivPur!

Dr.Troy was introduced to LivPur by a friend in 2019. He quickly realized that LivPur’s mission shared his passion for creating quality, clean nutritional products that the consumer was looking for. He was then invited to start developing products that he felt his professional athletes would actually use.

Over the last few years, Dr. Troy has been working behind the scenes to formulate LivPur's products, all while using himself as a test subject. Ensuring that LivPur’s formulas met the needs of high-level athletes has been a critical part of this entire process; his athletes have provided valuable feedback throughout each step. LivPur is excited to bring these products to the consumer that Major champions, NHL All Stars, and Olympians have been using for years. It’s time to let the world in on our “secret”!

Inside Dr. Troy's Training Facility