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This is Why It's Tough to Recover from a Vacation

You just spend weeks planning and looking forward to your vacation. Then, you get to disconnect from the world and recharge your batteries. Finally, you can breathe and be your authentic self. There aren't any deadlines or emails to read. The only important detail is which delicious meal to eat. Your schedule is whatever you make of it. It is no wonder that it is hard to come back and reconnect into your life. 

Are Adaptogens Safe and Non-Addictive

According to the National Cancer Institute, stress is responsible for at least 36 percent of cancer deaths in the United States. Anxiety, tension, and insomnia can also cause cancer-related problems such as loss of appetite, weight loss, and increased risk for diabetes. This has led many to look for natural ways to alleviate stress. Adaptogens are a great natural tool to do just that. These herbs provide calm and stress-relief. As the buzz gets greater, many are wondering are adaptogens safe and non-addictive?

What are Adaptogens & How This Herb Combats Stress

Adaptogens seem to be everywhere, but what are Adaptogens? Adaptogens are nature's stress reliever. These herbs bring an organic calming feeling without the side effects that other substances bring. One Adaptogen that is garnering attention is Ashwagandha, yet there are many adaptogens out there. It is important to know exactly what adaptogens are, and how these herbs can help.

Why LivPur's Recovery is Different

Currently, people are experiencing more stress and fatigue than ever before. The American Psychological Association reported that nearly 67% of Americans had experienced increased stress over the past two years. Plus, we are pushing our bodies to go longer and work harder. It can be a recipe for disaster if you aren’t actively repairing and protecting yourself from these triggers.  This is why LivPur developed a recovery solution

5 Self-Care Summer Tips

Summer is the time when the days slow down, and you have time to really value your time. It is crucial to include self-care during these fleeting summer months into your repertoire. You don’t have to go on dreamy vacations or be crushing workouts to still fill your summertime cup. There are other ways to set aside time for yourself to recharge your batteries to help propel you for the rest of the year.

Hydrate vs Recovery

A common question I have been getting is what is the difference between LivPur’s Hydration and LivPur Recovery? and when is the best time to take each product?