Why are Amino Acids Important for Hydration?

Why are Amino Acids Important for Hydration?

Amino Acids and Hydration Electrolyte drinks are becoming more common. Most people are aware that electrolyte drinks are more beneficial than just drinking water in terms of promoting hydration. In cases of dehydration exceeding a 2% loss of body weight, athletic performance can be significantly compromised. Proper hydration is the key to avoiding heat stress, muscle cramping, muscle weakness and decreased energy.

But, did you know amino acids can promote hydration as well?

What are Amino Acids?

Amino Acids (AA), often referred to as the building blocks of proteins, are compounds that play many critical roles in your body. They're needed for vital processes for building proteins, the synthesis of hormones and neurotransmitters. Amino Acids also help to build and support the cellular function of transportation, absorption and storage of fluids. This includes electrolytes and nutrients - all of which are essential for human survival.

Several studies have demonstrated the ability of amino acids to stimulate water and sodium absorption in the gut. (Hellier et a. 1973). (Nutrition J. 2014; 13:47.)

You’ve probably heard of the sodium-glucose connection for hydration before, but fewer people know about the relationship between sodium absorption and amino acids. You see, just like glucose and sodium work together to help transport water, amino acids also support the absorption of sodium.

Along with just the right amount of glucose to activate the sodium-glucose transport system, LivPur Hydrate includes 3.4g of Amino Acids including the 9 essential AA’s and 3 BCAA’s. Amino Acids have been extensively researched on enhancing muscle growth, fat loss, athletic performance, and reducing fatigue post-exercise.

These 9 essential AA’s must come from diet and/or supplementation, since the body cannot make them. Athletes and those with an active lifestyle have been using the 3 BCAA’s (Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine) for quite some time, as they skip the normal digestive process and quickly become available in the muscle to be used as energy as well as aid in muscle repair, building and recovery. The 3 BCAA's comprise roughly 17% of human skeletal muscle protein.

It’s critical to consistently feed the muscle cells with Amino’s during your sporting event or workout. It’s difficult to understand why people wait until after competing or exercising to replenish the muscle cells.


Electrolyte drinks offer improvement to hydration over water alone. They enhance water absorption and retention and replace the vital electrolytes that are lost due to sweating. Research is now showing that the addition of amino acids to a hydration drink can significantly enhance the absorption and retention of fluid over that of even an electrolyte drink.

Furthermore, adding amino acids to a hydration drink can offer additional benefits by way of being a source of protein that will help fuel the muscle cells and prevent catabolism.

Due to the Amino Acids' powerful health benefits mentioned above, it was impossible to consider leaving them out of our Hydration formula. As our Co-Founder and Performance Coach Dr. Troy Van Biezen says, “Hydration is not just about drinking water, it’s about replenishing your cells with essential nutrients.”


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