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Natural Energy Boosters & Where to Find Them

If you’ve ever gotten hit with that post-coffee, mid-afternoon crash, you’re probably wondering what alternatives are available that will provide you with long-lasting energy, without the jitters or harsh crashes. There are a wide variety of products on the market that boast claims like this, but very few that have been proven healthy and effective.

One way to make sure you’re consuming healthy, effective energy products is by consuming only natural energy boosters. This can mean choosing foods that include natural energy boosters, supplements that contain vitamins for energy and tiredness, or other natural energy boosting compounds.

Although there’s always a chance that even natural products consumed in too high a dose can cause negative effects, choosing a natural energy supplement that combines these ingredients in a healthy, effective way will help ensure you operate at peak energy levels all day long.

How to get energy fast (naturally)

Getting energy fast, in a healthy and effective way can be difficult if you don’t know what to look for. If you’re wondering how to boost your energy when you’re tired, you can look for foods that give you energy, such as bananas, fish, and sweet potatoes. These foods contain different natural compounds that your body needs to function with high energy levels all day long.

Foods that give you energy

Bananas and other fruits

Bananas are high in carbohydrates, as well as fiber. Carbs are what your body uses to keep you moving through the day, and without an adequate carb intake, you might start feeling sluggish. Bananas, apples, and other fruits also contain high amounts of fiber, which helps control the way those carbohydrates are broken down and used.

However, if you’re following a low sugar or low calorie diet, you might be better off searching for alternatives. Common fruit servings often contain 10+ grams of sugar and more than 100 calories. Adding too many fruit servings to your day might throw your diet out of whack.

Fish and other animals

Fish contains a multitude of natural compounds that contribute to all-day-long energy, including omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids offer a wide range of benefits when including them in your daily routine, which include lowering the risks of anxiety and depression.

Studies have shown that depression and anxiety can greatly affect energy levels. Using these fatty acids as a preventative measure can help ensure you’re always operating at your highest energy levels.

Sweet potatoes and other vegetables

Sweet potatoes, like fruits, are high in carbohydrates and fiber. These and other high-carb, high-fiber foods can help contribute to long lasting, natural energy boosts by slowing the rate at which carbohydrates are broken down in the body. They’re also rich in B vitamins, which can contribute to overall energy throughout your day.

Whole grains

Whole grains boost your energy because they are high in complex carbohydrates, which means your body takes longer to break them down. Because of this, whole grains are considered a great, all natural way to boost your energy all day long, and like energy-boosting fruits and vegetables, whole grains tend to contain high amounts of fiber.

However, just like the high-carb fruits and vegetables on this list, a diet high in whole grains is usually also high in calories.

There are a wide variety of foods to choose from if you’re looking for foods that give you energy that lasts throughout your day.

If the foods listed above aren’t your cup of tea, try adding these foods to your diet:

  • Fruits high in carbohydrates and fiber, such as apples, strawberries, or oranges
  • Animals and animal byproducts, such as eggs, yogurt, or beef liver
  • High-carb, high-fiber vegetables, such as beets or kale
  • Whole grains that contain complex carbohydrates such as oatmeal

Natural energy supplements

Eating for energy can take a significant amount of time, and can sometimes make your food intake boring. Not to mention, eating for energy might throw your daily calorie intake out of normal proportions. For maximum all-day energy, you might consider trying an all-natural energy booster rather than constantly searching for foods that give you energy.

Some common natural compounds you’ll find in natural energy supplements like LivPur Energy are: guarana, ashwagandha, green tea, and B vitamins


Guarana is an excellent natural energy booster. It contains 4-6x more caffeine than coffee! However, one of the reasons many people look to get away from coffee is because it gives them the jitters. Guarana is different than coffee because it releases at a slower pace, meaning your energy boost lasts longer and has fewer side effects.


Ashwagandha is a natural energy booster in a different way than guarana and coffee. Rather than acting as a stimulant, ashwagandha increases mental wellbeing and balances the body. Studies have shown that people taking mental health tests following the intake of ashwagandha were less likely to exhibit symptoms of depression and anxiety, which as we know, can contribute to lower energy levels.

Green tea

Green tea has a wide variety of energy-boosting compounds, including polyphenols that reduce inflammation and antioxidants which help prevent cancer. Caffeine is the main energy booster in green tea, but it has a wide variety of other health benefits, which include increased metabolism and improved brain function. Any natural energy-boosting supplement should contain some amount of green tea, because of all of the benefits that go far beyond a boost in energy.

B vitamins

B Vitamins are a great resource for all-day energy because they are so essential to bodily processes such as creating red blood cells and nervous system health. As far as energy-boosting goes, though, there’s one thing that B vitamins do for energy and tiredness that makes them essential to an energy-boosting supplement: they convert food into glucose, which is where our energy comes from.

There’s no need to overload on B vitamins, however, as many vitamin companies will have you believe. Rather, a consistent daily intake at or above the recommended daily amount will ensure you’re always operating at maximum energy.

If you’re interested in boosting your energy naturally, check your supplement’s ingredient information to make sure they’ve included most, or all, of these compounds.

Try LivPur Energy for a long-lasting, natural energy boost

If you’re searching for a supplement that contains these compounds in optimal amounts, give LivPur Energy a try. This supplement was formulated specifically to provide optimal amounts of each compound and help you avoid the jitters or other negative side effects that come from overloading on coffee.

Simply pour into a glass of water, and drink all of the energy you need for the day, which includes not only compounds that aid in energy boosting, but vitamins for energy and tiredness. LivPur focuses on a holistic approach to energy, and provides natural, healthful powders that keep you not only energized, but support overall wellbeing.

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